Hello everyone, so, Florian has left this morning very early from Cape Town, flown to Johannesburg and now he is driving up to Botswana and on his way to Zimbabwe where, on Monday he will collect his tourist clients……that was last Friday the 12th and this is what he had to report from his trip.

Saturady 13th July 2019

08:50  Good morning everyone. OK. I am on the road. First trip to Zimbabwe with the new Zim $, no fuel and other newbies to deal with. A real adventure. Yesterday i drove 700 km from Johannesburg airport to Francistown in Botswana in 10 hours. It is cold here now in the morning. About 7 degrees but beautifull. Now for the zim border….

20:50  Just arrived in Harare. 😅 what a trip!!! 8 hours driving and 3 hours border.