Sunday 14th July 2019

09:07  Good morning. The typical breakfast. I brought my own coffe however. Yesterday might really arrived frazzled after the long drive. Now in the morning things look much better. I am still trying to work out how it works here now with the money, fuel and electricity problem. Diesel costs now Zim$ 6. The official exchange rate to the US$ is 8.5 zim to one US. So one L costs 70 US cents which is really cheap. The petrol attendant that I spoke to offered me one L for one US. He makes a good cut and I don’t have to stand in the 500 meter long queue. I can just come to the front. I will try that out now.

So the deal with the petrol didn’t really work out. there was no electricity so the pumps didn’t work or there was no diesel available only the petrol but now I got another deal where they will deliver the diesel to me in jerrycans. it costs more about one US dollar$.40 cents but at least I get something I can get going.
Here are a few pics from my walk through the suburbs.