Damaraland and Western Namibia – Paper Map


  • Easy to read in a vehicle
  • Niche, specialized map
  • Wide listing of accommodation options and contact details
  • Contains off-road tracks and GPS co-ordinates of their intersections.
  • Fuel points, vehicle repairs, distances and many points of interest
  • Contains off-road tracks and their GPS co-ordinates
  • Co-ordinates of many other intersections

The name Damaraland is not commonly known outside of tourism circles or serious outdoor enthusiasts. It is an ancient, vast and rugged region of high mountains, deep valleys and arid dramatic landscapes, located north of Swakopmund in north-western Namibia. The area has some large wildlife consessions that offer some of the best game viewing in Namibia. Home of the uniquely adapted desert elephant which can travel for a few days without water, rhino, lion, giraffe, kudu, oryx, zebra, springbok and other animals, Damaraland is an untamed wilderness offering various opportunities to travellers from luxury lodges to serious self-sufficient camping.

It is also home of the Brandberg mountains, the largest mountains in the country and the home of the famous ‘White Lady’ painting. In this area you will find Twyfelfontein, with its thousands of bushman paintings, a 2.5 million year old petrified forest, the Doros and Messum craters.

This is a destination for adventurous travelers. Our Damaraland map contains main roads and many off-road tracks. It also shows GPS co-ordinates of main intersections as well as off-road tracks and intersections in more remote areas. It offers a whole range of accommodation options and contacts, petrol points and contact numbers for vehicle repairs – just in case. Once again thanks to travel writer Johan Snyman for his assistance for the secondary and off-road routes.

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Product Description

Map: Printed on one side
Edition: 1st Edition February 2015
Product Dimensions: 87cm x 63cm
Folded: 21cm x 15cm
Scale: 1 : 430 000    /   1 cm = 4.3 Km
Format: Paper


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