What’s so special about InfoMap?

InfoMap™ was one of the pioneers that added GPS coordinates to maps. Our maps include information on accommodation facilities, visitors’ centers, adventure sites, points of interest, landmarks, towns, fuel stops, intersections and more. You will find descriptive multi-language icons indicating the type of facility, e.g. lodge, camp, hotel.HIGHWAYS, GRAVEL ROADS, TRACKS, 4X4 TRACKS – INFOMAP SHOWS THEM ALL.

What are GPS Coordinates?

The GPS coordinates on all InfoMap products consist of latitude and longitude lines that can be added to a GPS receiver to aid navigation.  Latitude and longitude readings represent two lines that cross each other at a 90 degree angle. The point at which they cross defines a specific location on earth. If you import this point to your GPS receiver the device will lead you to it. INFOMAPS ARE PRINTED ON AN A1 PAGE AND FOLDED IN A SIMPLE WAY FOR EASY HANDLING INSIDE A VEHICLE

InfoMaps display true GPS coordinates of intersections, towns, fuel points, resorts and points of interest. However, users that do not have a GPS receiver can use InfoMap™ as a regular road map. The coordinates are provided as an aid to those that have a GPS and can be added manually from the map. Our aim is to make the best road map, we research, travel and gather as much information as possible. Our maps contain real useful details, every minor track and 4×4 trail we can find – ideal for the adventurous traveler.

What are InfoMap’s unique features?

  • GPS coordinates of major intersections and geographical landmarks
  • Availability of diesel or petrol
  • Accommodation options including camping, motels, B&B’s and hotels
  • Designed to unfold easily to be read in the confines of a vehicle
  • Some feature travel tips and area information
  • Some feature conservation guidelines