Artefact Books

Following Africa’s long tradition of using stone to shape or record history, we have created a range of notebooks made from stone. ARTEFACT’s notebooks are designed for your lifestyle. Made from a stone-based material, tree-free and durable, our materials, design and intrinsic values are unique – offering a South African made, environmentally conscious, waterproof and durable alternative to traditional notebooks.

Use them in the wild or concrete jungle, in the searing heat or falling snow, in a meeting or at your bedside, on the trail or in the water. Our quality, design-orientated notebooks are inspired by the landscape of this ancient continent and humanity´s shared history upon it. Using this singular product canvas we present 3 ranges appealing to a wide variety of needs and aesthetics. How would you share your joys, fears, memories and most brilliant ideas with the world? What would you leave behind?

Continue the tradition. Leave your legacy. Write in stone.

Look out for regular new editions to collect!

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Neo-Petric Arte Range

Neo-Iconic Arte Range

Neo-Teric Arte Range